Romina Grau

Chef & Founder of Meringue Factory

Romina was a long-time restaurant manager when one day she walked into the kitchen and saw the pastry chef making “Lady Fingers”. At that moment something magical happened. Awed by the delicate creativity, she realized she found her calling. 

She studied for two years in Argentina to become a Pastry Chef and Professional cake decorator, and after a few years of working in restaurants as a baker, she decided to pursue her own business.

In 2015 Romina opened a booth at Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road Farmer’s Market showcasing 26 different pastries. After working in different markets around South Florida she applied to Aventura Mall Farmer’s Market. In order to be granted a spot she needed to present a unique product that was not being sold by any other store in the mall. Her meringues were just that and they were  approved.

In 2016 Meringue Factory was created.  

Meringue Factory offers a handcrafted and unique delicacy which is a healthier option for the sweet tooth. They are gluten-free, non-dairy, nut -free, fat-free  and are offered in more than 15 flavors. 

Romina still makes the meringues and packages them herself with her small team. She is passionate and puts a lot of love in her products.

“It is very rewarding when customers taste my meringues and tell me how much they love them. This gives me great satisfaction because it shows me that I am doing it right.” Romina Grau 



North Miami Beach, FL


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